Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Voice of Truth

Good Morning, dear reader. Well, we have come to the end of another week. Isn't it lovely, learning all about the wonders of Jesus's works among the people?! It gives us such hope. 

Speaking of hope, the stories of Tabitha and Aeneas are miraculous! We have a man who has been paralysed and a woman who spent her days serving the Lord, both miraculously given new life! We don't know why these two people were specifically chosen by Jesus, especially since we know that there were so many more people who were just as deserving. 

This is a question so many of us ask when we are faced with tragedy in our lives. Why us? Why them? What did we do to deserve this? These questions can fester so deep that it drives us from our faith. We feel God has abandoned us. And, sometimes, it can feel that way. With all my problems of late, I would have every reason to ask why God is letting this happen. I've been good. I'm trying to spread His word. So why is all this still happening? The answer is I don't know. Life happens. Bad things happen to good people. It's what we do with that knowledge that makes the difference. I chose to remain faithful to God. It's all I have left. I have to trust in the fact that things will eventually work themselves out. It has to. And, I know, regardless of the outcome, God will be right there helping me through it. 

In John's Gospel, we see what happens when we don't want to take what is given to us. We go back to our old ways. Jesus watches as those who once believed in His word decide it is too tough to stay the course. He lets them walk away. He doesn't beg them or cajole them or make them feel guilty. That is because we are given a choice. We were given free will. Jesus isn't standing there with a gun to our heads saying we'd better believe in Him or else. I think this did sow a little doubt in Jesus because He turns to His apostles and wants to know if any of them wish to walk away. He doesn't want them to feel pressured to stay. He wants them to be there of their own accord. But Simon Peter makes the point, "to whom shall we go?". Exactly. Where else CAN you go? 

Now that I look at it, our reading in Acts goes hand-in-hand with our reading in John. Again we are being given a choice. Do we want to stick it out with Jesus and hope for the best? Is our faith strong enough to withstand doubt? I think that's a really good summary for all of it. Is our faith strong enough? Can we stay the course? Are we willing to stay? Think about that today. Really think. If everything in your life were to go kerflooey right now, would you still believe in Jesus? Would you still put your trust in God that it will all work out? 

I'm just gonna leave that there.... while you ponder that... remember, be a nice human. 😇

Father Bill's reflection on today's readings:

This is "my song".. it reminds me that I need to listen to the voice of God, the voice of truth... "The Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns, from the movie "Facing The Giants".

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